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Recipes to enjoy with beers, ales and wine

A good meal becomes great when partnered with the perfect drink...

Wine with food

Fullers London Pride Premium Ale

London Pride

Rich & smooth, London Pride has a good malty base. Its an easy drinking beer with great body and a fruity, satisfying finish. It’s also perfect with sausages & mash!

Serve up with essential Waitrose pork sausages, which are made with only British pork, some mashed potato, and braised onions that have been peeled, halved and covered in light chicken stock and a little butter, then slow cooked until they melt.

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Yellow Tail Cabernet

Yellow Tail

This is quite a full bodied wine but not too spicy which means it goes well with simple flavours.

Good with Stuffed Peppers, that have been halved and stuffed with vine tomatoes, sliced garlic, basil leaves (couple of sliced anchovies- optional), seasoning and some good olive oil and baked on a low heat until tender.

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Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio

Yellow Tail Grigo

This is a floral wine so is great with aromatic foods such as flavoursome salads and light Asian meals. It will overpower anything with simple flavouring and benefits from being drunk with foods with a crunchy texture.

Delicious with grilled prawns and a Vietnamese salad with shredded carrot and Chinese leaf, sliced salad onions, sliced chili, chopped fresh coriander and mint in a dressing of rice vinegar, lime juice, sugar and fish sauce. Delicious served with grilled prawns or salmon.

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